The Gratitude Journal

The perfect tool to adopt a positive mindset

The Gratitude Journal

Through a simple daily format, Quest’s Gratitude Journal will help pointing out the little good things to make you smile each day. It is an amazing tool not only to improve our well-being, but also to develop a positive mindset and adopting new and healthy habits.

One of the simplest tools to change habits and be happier: “A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.” With this Gratitude Journal you make positive things visible and practice developing constructive thoughts. The key is consistency. With a positive quote every day, a weekly review and a structure to help you focus on what is good, you will find it to be a great way to start and end the day.

Based on scientific research: It took psychologists and neuroscientists decades to realize they could focus on positive behavioral traits as opposed to depression, anxiety and perceptual disorders. This journal has been created by combining practical elements that can change your habits for the better.

Pen and paper: Distraction-free, no chargers needed, old-style. That helps you to focus, it is fun and feels better. And you document how you evolve. You will have a snapshot of your days, weeks, months.

Download a 1-week free template of The Gratitude Journal to test!

How The Gratitude Journal Works

Morning Routine: Right after waking up, you list three things that you are greatful for, set your intent for the day and write a self-affirmation. It’s easy, fast, and puts you in a state of determination, generosity and curiosity.

Night Routine: The night section is when you register positive moments that happened throughout the day - big and small. It’s also an opportunity for reflection on what did not go as well as expected and how to improve it in the future.

The Weekly Review: This is a space to review your week in a mindful and constructive way. It is also an opportunity to take action - you don’t have to save your gratitude for your journal. Tell the people in your life how much you appreciate them and say thanks to people you encounter – pass on the positivity and everyone feels better!