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Why Is Attention Important

We like to think that our time is precious, but compared to attention, time is cheap. And it's cheap because we don't need to make any effort to spend time, it just runs out - we all know the difference between spending time with someone and paying attention to them. 

The way most of us manage our attention today, in a continuous partial mode, can be very useful in some specific situations. However, in large doses, it contributes to a stressful lifestyle, to operating in crisis management mode, and to a compromised ability to reflect, to make decisions, and to think creatively.

How Can We Devote More Focused Attention On Our Everyday Life

1) Make the distinction between time and attention. It's been proven that multitasking is a myth and that we can only perform tasks that require our cognitive capacities in a high-level if we do focused our attention exclusively in it.

2) Understand and leverage the power of your environment. We often believe that in order to change our habits, achieve our goals or improve our productivity we need to increase our motivation and willpower. Although they might help you to get started, there is another element that seems to be even more effective: purposefully designing our environment.

3) Remember that, like any other skill, focusing our attention can be practiced. While we can't simply force ourselves to pay attention for any sustained period, we can increase our resistance in order to pay attention for greater lengths of time and to shorten the recovery period between distractions. It’s called mindfulness.

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