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As an entrepreneur or self-employed, do you ever feel like you spend too much time working “in the business” instead of working “on the business”? Between client requests, new projects and other execution-level tasks, it can be difficult to see the bigger picture for your business.

The Quest Mastermind group is a 6-month professional development program that helps driven professionals network, collaborate and achieve their goals. It provides the dynamic environment to focus on what’s important to grow your business.

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Here’s what makes Quest Mastermind Group so effective:

  • You'll set powerful goals, learn how to achieve them and be held accountable to do so;

  • You create an actionable plan to grow your business;

  • You can access the group outside of scheduled meetings - checking in to see what’s working, what’s not and to seek support;

How do the meetings work?

We will meet once a week online via Zoom (video chat service), and the group follows an agenda that remains pretty much the same every time we talk. Structure and order create habit and it’s also conducive to getting things done.

A Quest coach will facilitate the meeting. After welcoming the group, the meeting begins with any group notices or updates and then moves on to each member’s standup, or a short update on their previous week initiatives and results, what they’re working on this week and any foreseeable obstacles they may encounter. Each person will get time to share what is their current situation and follow up on commitments.

One person will be previously selected to be the focus of the session that week. This is called the “hot seat” and it alternates every week, so that every member can have and in-depth discussion about their own situation. You can ask questions, talk about your challenges, and get advice and direction from the coach and the rest of the group.

The end of the meeting is dedicated to making commitments and for everyone to state goals for the coming week. You can read the entire mastermind agenda and guidelines here.

How do you qualify?

In order to foster a productive environment for the mastermind group, we’ve found that people who meet the following characteristics get the most out of the experience:

  • You are an entrepreneur or self-employed who works remotely

  • You are eager to grow professionally

  • You are willing to give and receive feedback at each meeting

  • You have a growth mindset and positive attitude

  • You can commit to attending and participating in the meetings

Ready to start making real progress in your business, but need a little help with direction? Group support and accountability are the best way to grow.

Through our experience with coaching clients, we’ve heard a lot of the following:

  • “I know I should have some sort of execution strategy but I don’t know where to begin”

  • “I’ve been doing things the same way for a while now but I'm far from being satisfied with the results. It’s time to do things differently but I need some direction”

  • “I’m skeptical about working with a coaching “expert”. I need a group of people I can trust”

  • “I have a many great ideas, but I need to get focused on the right ones for my business”

  • “I wish I had a group of friends who worked remotely like me. We could support each other and hold each other accountable”

If you relate to any one of these, we think you’d be a good fit for our mastermind program.

You don't have to do it alone. In this 6-month mastermind group, you will plan and execute with the support and experience of other group members.

Here’s what you get:

Personal support and accountability to ensure you implement and reach your goals

Valuable network of passionate remote professionals like you, and potentially long-term friendships and connections

Access to a group of peers to help brainstorm and evaluate ideas

Honest feedback to get unstuck, solve problems, and make decisions faster

Chance to learn from other businesses and leaders

A confidential space to discuss challenges and problems

Direct access to an executive coach as your group facilitator

A private Slack channel for members to communicate between meetings

A mastermind isn't for you if:

  • You can't commit to each meeting

  • You don't work yet

  • You can't give or receive feedback

  • You make excuses for not making progress

  • You are struggling with debilitating mental health issues. A mastermind generates a little added stress from taking big steps of action and discomfort as it will challenge you to venture out of your comfort zone. Our focus is on self-care and business growth. Please kindly understand this is not a therapy group.

Your cost is only $99/month for 6 months of personalized coaching and accountability.


Frequently asked questions:

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When does the next group begin?

The last group started in March 2019 and will run until August. Exact dates for the next one coming soon!

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How many members will be in the Quest Mastermind Group?

So much of the power of a mastermind comes from the intimacy created by a small group of 3-5 people, and that is the number of members our group will admit. In a small group you have more time to focus on the issues each individual member is facing. You can meet more frequently and it’s much easier to coordinate the best time for everyone to meet.

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What is the criteria for the selection of the members?

We are looking for commited professionals who can share common experiences and challenges. With that said, the main points that we look at when putting a group together are:

  • Similar experience levels

  • Similar ambition levels and desires for achievement

  • Similar values, beliefs, and ethics

  • No competitors

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How often do we meet?

Your group will meet for a 1-hour talk every week, for 6 months. We will poll the group to determine which day of the week and time works best for everyone.

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Can my membership be revoked?

As a group, it is important that we are helping and treating each other with respect. If any member is not committed, doesn’t show up without previous warning or shows a lack of interest and preparation for the meetings, for example, their membership will be revoked. You can read the entire mastermind agenda and guidelines here.

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Can we communicate with the group outside of our meetings?

Yes! We will create a private Slack channel just for your group where you can send messages, share files, links, and ideas.

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Why a Slack Community and not a Facebook group?

Slack is a popular chat tool used by remote teams and entrepreneurs to communicate efficiently. Conversations in Slack can be private and organized. Furthermore, Slack gives you more control over the notifications that you receive.

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Can we continue our group after the 6 months are up?

Absolutely! Your group can decide to stay together or we'll find you another group to join.

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What's the cost?

Your cost is only $99 a month for six months of personalized training, coaching, and accountability. Once you've signed up, you will be drafted $99 each month for six months. One-on-one coaching in this format typically costs around $2,000.

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Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, of course. You can receive a full refund anytime within 30 days of your start date. We have no doubt you will find the mastermind so valuable, you’ll be hungry to remain part of the community we’re building.