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The Power Of Habits

Even if you consider yourself to be very focused and determined, chances are you still struggle to adopt new behaviors in your everyday life. 

Think for a second of your bad habits, from eating too much junk food (despite a commitment to lose weight) to constantly blaming others or the circumstances after a poor performance at work (playing the victim).

Recognizing that we act this way and wishing to stop the behavior is not enough. Common sense is not common action.

What is the solution then? Understand how habits work. If you do, it becomes much easier to change them.

How Your Identity Can Work For (Or Against) You

We like to think we are all rational people, who reflect and control every decision that we make - but that is never the case. We are not machines. I won’t make a 30-minute analysis of all of the pros and cons of buying an ice-cream every time I see one - I will either buy it or not, as I can easily justify any of the choices.

But if most of my time I’m making automatic decisions that are heavily influenced by my thoughts, habits and environment, how can I make any lasting change in my life? How can I avoid buying the ice-cream without having to make any intentional effort?

While I can’t consciously be “a healthy person”, or a more productive person or anything else, I can set my irrational self to behave in that way. That is, I can consciously shape my identity.

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